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Sophomore Year Advising (step 1)

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisement and Services Office has developed a new program specifically for sophomores called 'Sophomore Segue' ('pronounced segway'). The word segue is defined as 'an immediate transition to the next part' or 'to continue without a break'. The sophomore year is a transition year when important decisions are made that will impact your remaining undergraduate years and beyond. We hope this program will provide you with information and resources that will assist you in becoming a successful student and attaining your educational and career goals.

We invite you to call our office at (716) 645-6883 and make an appointment with an advisor. The College of Arts and Sciences advisors are responsible for specific departmental areas. To determine which advisor is responsible for your area of interest, you can visit our advisor webpage. Our advisors can begin to discuss ways to make your sophomore year a very satisfying one, not only academically, but personally as well.

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