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A Planning Guide for your Junior Year (step 5)

To help assist you in planning for your junior year, we have included the following steps below.

  • Continue taking courses that satisfy "Acceptance Criteria" for your intended major.
  • Find out when and how to apply to your major.
  • Meet with your Departmental Advisor.
  • Consult with academic advisor and study abroad advisors to consider spending time abroad..
  • Approach faculty to see if they will write letters of reference.
  • Begin taking Upper Level courses in Spring of Sophomore year (300 level courses).
  • Take courses in areas that you might want to explore or possibly pursue an academic minor.
  • Visit Career Services.
  • Check out the The Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement.
  • Investigate admission criteria for graduate school.
  • Initiate your Activity Transcript to track your accomplishments.
  • Present undergraduate research at the celebration for academic excellence or at a professional conference.

Your Junior Year can be both exciting and overwhelming. The prospect of graduation, study abroad, graduate school, research opportunities and rigorous upper level degree requirements can cause students to lose focus on day to day tasks. We have created a web site called Junior Jumpstart to help students keep things in perspective and stay on track to graduate.

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